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State Of The Art Robot Sensor Technology For Highest Safety Standards

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The new TASKI Swingobot 2000 is a symbiosis of state of the art robot sensor technology fulfilling highest safety standards.


The new Swingobot 2000 robotic solution is a unique product which combines cleaning and technology trends with the long term experience of TASKI. The new robot delivers various benefits in autonomous cleaning or the possibility for simple manual operation of the machine. Beside the state of the art sensor technology like 2d LIDAR & sonar’s the robot is also connected to the cloud for full visibility and remote updates.

Our products come equipped with an array of built-in safety features to protect your customers and employees. The result is safe, reliable floor-cleaning solutions for every environment.



  • 100% safety rating:No Intellibot robotic machine has caused an injury.
  • Obstacle detection & avoidance: Using 2d L ultrasonic sonar, machines can detect obstacles to avoid collision.
  • Instant braking: Machines stop in 0.48 seconds if someone walks across their path.
  • Touch sensors: Machines are equipped with an additional safety system which stops movement if the machines come in contact with any object.
  • Safety beeper: Alerts people when in motion, and changes beep patterns based on its movement.
  • Stop/turn indicators: Each machine has a headlight and front and rear lights to signal turns, stopping or backing up.
  • Stair avoidance

Floor and surface sensors prevent machine from driving off docks and stairs.