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Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) and Personal Hygiene for Food and Beverage Plants

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Category: Process
Level: Advanced
Languages Available: Brazilian Portuguese, English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish. 


Course Modules: Personal Hygiene and Good Manufacturing Practices in Food Processing


It is recommended that trainees have completed Principles of Hygiene and Sanitation in Food and Beverage Processing in preparation for this course.




Course Description


Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) and Personal Hygiene are critical in the food and beverage production environment. Our hands are the number one vector for cross-contamination, with the potential to impact the food safety of the product being manufactured. 


This advanced course explores the principles of personal care, the behavioural mistakes that often put the product being manufactured at risk and the changes and processes required to reduce the risk of contamination.




Suitable For 


  • All employees involved in food and beverage production




Learning Objectives 


  • Contamination sources in a processing plant
  • Good Manufacturing Practices and standards for the Food and Beverage facilities
  • Personal Hygiene
  • The need for hand hygiene and the role it plays in reducing cross-contamination
  • The common behavioural mistakes and how to change them
  • How to implement a robust hand hygiene strategy and what components to include




Access and Purchase Options


Companies can purchase a package of modules to fit the needs of their workforce. Our sales representatives can help build training plans which are tailored to suit the needs of each company.


The course can also be purchased from our Hygiene Academy eStore which provides an opportunity for individuals interested in developing or refreshing their skillset to purchase on a course-by-course basis.