Clax Xcellence

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High Temp Laundry Program

Clax Xcellence® is a high temperature program that offers the best solution for your laundry and supports you in building a profitable business that puts customers and the environment first. Even in the toughest laundry conditions, Clax Xcellence delivers superior wash results. This has been validated across the world in luxury hotels, hospitals and nursing homes. Clax Xellence meets hygiene and disinfection requirements, giving you peace of mind.


Xcellence in Performance

  • 5-star whiteness and softness
  • Excellent hygiene
  • Fragrance re-activates when guest use their towels, enhancing guest experience


Xcellence in meeting Sustainability Goals

  • Reduces packaging waste & transportation
  • Optimizes linen life
  • Includes environmentally friendly products


Xcellence in driving Operational Efficiency

  • Cost effective solution with concentrated boosters
  • Handles challenging water conditions • Manages tough stains
  • Beats industry rewash standard
  • Increases productivity