ClearKlens® Detergent Selection Program 

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We know that in the pursuit of excellence, the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors are no strangers to trial and error. However, we also know that when it comes to hygiene, there’s no room to get it wrong. It needs to be right first time. That’s why we’ve created Diversey ClearKlens DSP – a Detergent Selection Program that delivers immediate and repeatable results.


A Comprehensive and Customized Hygiene Approach


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  1. You provide us with a soil sample, either from existing products or products that are in development.
  2. The Diversey technical center processes the sample and tests it against different cleaning procedures to find the most effective for that soil.
  3. We produce a comprehensive report that will help you develop cleaning and disinfecting procedures which includes chemical type, concentration, cleaning time, temperature, cleaning method and water quality.



Reliable and Sustainable Hygiene Solutions

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  • DSP produced cGMP certified facilities in accordance with ISO 22716
  • Compliant with relevant regulations for pharmaceutical and cosmetic use
  • Compliant with Biocidal Products Regulation
  • Ecocert approval of ClearKlens® Flowcert® to remove soil from natural and organic cosmetic production


Boost your Operational Efficiency


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  • Avoid trial and error through a detailed analysis report containing the most efficient hygiene products and procedures
  • Save employee time and costs by avoiding pilot programs 
  • Minimize hygiene resource and time incurred through re-cleaning 
  • Optimize overall hygiene results with validated procedures



ClearKlens DSP is based on in-depth knowledge and 30 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors. Benefit from a customised hygiene program that delivers the performance you need.