ClearKlens® Cleaning-in-Place

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Diversey provides unrivaled CIP knowledge. Our strength and competence come from decades of field experience, application knowledge, understanding of chemistry, system engineering, game-changing innovations and a world-class portfolio of products.


Starting with a full analysis of your specific CIP needs, leading to retrofitting, upgrading or fine-tuning of existing installations or the design and implementation of a fully integrated CIP system, we apply our knowledge and expertise to deliver a solution that will revolutionize throughput, hygiene standards and efficiency at your plant.


Our dedicated team of process engineers will simplify your operations, however complex they may be. We work closely with your team in auditing existing installations to obtain a detailed understanding of your needs. Our innovative CIP product formulations, coupled with the expertize and process knowledge, deliver:


  • Lower energy consumption
  • Lower water usage
  • Process consistency with repeatable results
  • Shortened cleaning time


The extensive Diversey CIP chemical range offers non-foaming detergents and disinfectants designed for circulation through process equipment. The combined effects of solutions turbulence, chemical energy and heat remove soil debris and microorganisms from pipework and ancillary plant without time-consuming dismantling and manual cleaning.